Although there are currently no water restrictions in place in the Shoalhaven, the continued dry weather is having an impact on river flows  Read more

Photographic Competition 2017

As a supporter of National Water Week, Shoalhaven Water invite you to enter the 7th Annual Amateur Photographic Competition.

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Impending Water Restrictions

Shoalhaven Water has confirmed that with no rain on the horizon the Shoalhaven is quickly heading towards its first water restrictions since February 2010......

The Truth about Bottled Water

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph questioned whether bottled water is healthier and safer to drink than tap water......

Fatberg found in London Sewer

A recent story on the ABC explained how difficult it was to remove a 250 meter long fatberg.....

Huskisson Triathlon Festival

Shoalhaven Water proudly support the Huskisson Triathlon. .....

Milton Show

Shoalhaven Water’s favourite mascots will be finishing up the show circuit at the Milton Show.......

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour

If you would like more information or to book a place on this tour......

Our Recreation Areas

We manage a number of stunning recreation areas around the Shoalhaven.

Treatment Plant Tours

Shoalhaven Water offer group tours of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our Community

There is always something happening around the Shoalhaven.