Building & development
Building & Renovating

Building & renovating

Building and renovation projects are always complicated and require careful planning. We have provided information that explains what you need to know regarding water and sewerage services

house being renovated Building & renovation projects are always complicated and need careful planning

Development application notice

If a Development Application is submitted to Council and the result of the proposed development has implications on the water and/or sewerage systems, a Shoalhaven Water Development Application Notice will be issued.

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Building on or near our assets

Shoalhaven Water has specific requirements for developers requesting to build over or adjacent to sewerage mains. Council’s Building over Sewer Policy specifies the requirements for building over and/or close to sewer assets.

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Demolition information

Shoalhaven Water has important requirements that must be adhered to prior to demolition works.

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Water & sewer service locations

Shoalhaven Water provides water and sewerage services to a general population of around 90,000 people. In the peak season the number swells to over 300,000 persons.

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Dial before you dig

Shoalhaven Water is now listed as an asset provider on the Dial Before You Dig National Referral Service. which is designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.

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