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Our Systems & Operations

On average, Shoalhaven Water provides more than 45 million litres of water each day to more than 48,000 homes and businesses as well as collecting and treating more than 18 million litres of wastewater from homes and businesses across the Shoalhaven.

treatment plant operator We provide more than 45 million litres of water each day.

Our Water Services

Shoalhaven Water obtain untreated water largely from the Shoalhaven River, the catchment of which is managed by WaterNSW. About 90 per cent of our supply comes from this source supplemented by our own storages at Yalwal (Danjera Dam) and Porters Creek.

We treat the water at 4 water filtration plants to a standard that complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Organic matter, sediment and minerals such as iron and manganese are removed, the water is disinfected with chlorine and fluoride is added in accordance with legislation. The largest plant at Bamarang treats more than 60% of our water.

We then distribute the water to our customers via our network of 38 water reservoirs, 26 pumping stations and over 1,500 kilometres of water mains. We also work closely with NSW Health through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure that all current and emerging issues associated with drinking water quality are identified and assessed.

Our Wastewater Services

Wastewater collected in the sewerage system flows to sewerage treatment plants where it is treated before being reused or discharged in accordance with strict licence conditions issued by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). All biosolids captured (100%) are used for agricultural purposes.

Around 50% of our wastewater is processed at our 3 biggest plants at Nowra, Ulladulla and Bomaderry. The effect of discharges on water quality and aquatic life is monitored every week by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority to ensure performance standards are met.

Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS)  

The REMS is one of the largest and more complex water-recycling schemes undertaken by an Australian Local Government Water Authority. The scheme has been developed in two stages at a total cost of $150million and will utilise up to 80% of the reclaimed water from six northern Shoalhaven wastewater treatment plants to irrigate local dairy farms, golf courses and sporting fields.

The scheme helps reduce discharges of treated wastewater into the environment and reduces demand on existing and future water supplies. Use of recycled water has increased from 300 million litres a year in 2001 to approximately 1,600 million litres a year in 2006/2007. Stage Two is currently underway which will increase the recycled water to 2,500 million litres a year.

Further information on REMS can be found in the Major Projects section of this website

Important note for Owners, Plumbers, Developers and Certifiers:

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for and undertakes all works on its assets unless specific exemptions are approved in advance by Shoalhaven Water.  Shoalhaven Water assets and works include;

For Water:

  • the installation, removal, replacement or upsize of any water meter
  • the removal, repair, replacement or installation of water mains, main tappings, hydrant points and fire service

The responsibility for pipes and fixtures can be easily divided into everything up to and including the meter and everything after it (downstream of the meter to the property).

For Sewerage:

  • the installation, removal, replacement of sewer mains
  • the removal, repair, replacement or clearing of sewer inspection openings
  • the clearing of sewer blockages within the sewer main and associated pipes up to and including the inspection opening

The responsibility for sewer pipes and fixtures can be easily divided into everything up to and including the sewer inspection opening and everything after it. 
At times, a problem with sewer blockage might occur. It is always important to contact Shoalhaven Water in the first instance. Should this not happen and a plumber locates a blockage in our main which requires our action to clear, the full cost of a plumber to identify the problem may not be fully met. Shoalhaven Water is available for contact 24 hours a day every day of the year. Phone 44293214 or the afterhours number on 44213100.

Tampering with Shoalhaven Water assets is illegal and may result in prosecution. If there is any question about the responsibility for water or sewer works please contact Shoalhaven Water directly.

There are a number of sewage disposal points for caravans/motorhomes/boats (dump points) for visitors. These are mainly located within caravan parks but a small number are accessible at local showgrounds.