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Shoalhaven Water has specific requirements for developers requesting to build over or adjacent to sewerage mains.  

building over pipelines Developers need to meet specific requirements before work starts.

Council’s Building over Sewer Policy specifies the requirements for building over and/or close to sewer assets. It is a guide for proposed developments where approval is required to protect sewer infrastructure from damage and to enable maintenance to the system. 

The development proposal must enable unrestricted access to all manholes, lampholes, maintenance shafts and junctions. Where applicable, concrete encasement of the sewer main will be required for the protection of the affected pipe and any associated infrastructure due to the loss of access.

How do I apply for approval to build over or near a sewer line?

A written request must be submitted to Shoalhaven Water that includes the following information:

  • Two (2) copies of the approved Building Plans.
  • Site survey plan by a Registered Surveyor.  All levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
  • Two (2) copies of certified engineering plans, indicating soil classification and type, and protection requirements of the sewer infrastructure and proposed/existing structure/s in accordance with Council’s Building over Sewer Policy.
  • Payment of the Building over Sewer Plan checking fee.

All works relating directly to the sewer infrastructure, as specified in the Development Application Notice and Building over Sewer approval are required to be carried out in the presence and to the satisfaction of Shoalhaven Water’s inspector.

Inspection for any works should be arranged and confirmed at least 2 working days in advance and will be at the cost of the developer/applicant.

Water Supply Assets

Building over the water supply assets is NOT permitted and this includes but is not limited to water service lines, water mains, fittings, fixtures, etc. Where a development is proposed adjacent to a water supply asset, a separate written application must be made to Shoalhaven Water for assessment and determination.

For further information download the Building over Sewers Policy or contact Shoalhaven Water’s Projects Development Unit on 02 4429 3547.

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