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Water & Sewer Connections

Water & Sewer Connections

Shoalhaven Water undertakes the installation, modification and maintenance of all metered or unmetered services which are connected directly to the mains within the Shoalhaven Local Government area.

pipes in muddy pool Connection requirements will vary depending on the type of development.

As a property owner it is your responsibility to maintain and repair all water and sewer pipes on your property.

Water Connections

Connection to council’s water supply system is required through application to Shoalhaven Water. For more information on how to get connected visit: Water Service Connections & Disconnections

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for everything up to and including the water meter. All pipes, taps, drains and backflow prevention devices on your property that come from the meter are your responsibility.

Once connected, should you discover a leak at your meter or on the nature strip in front of your house you should contact Shoalhaven Water immediately.

Sewer Connections

Shoalhaven Water owns and maintains all gravity sewer mains and property junctions up to the customer connection point plus all pressure sewer units (and their associated components). Beyond this point any maintenance issues is the responsibility of the property owner and not Shoalhaven Water.

Connection to Shoalhaven Water (Council’s) sewer is to be made in accordance with Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. Approvals and inspections are governed by Shoalhaven City Council Building & Compliances Services staff.

Follow the link for information on Pressure Sewer Units.