Tapstar Waterwise Education Program

The Tapstar Show

The Tapstar Show is a fun and interactive show that travels throughout Australia and is a delight to all who view it. 

What is the Tapstar Show?

Aimed at primary school children (K-6), the Tapstar Show promotes water conservation and water quality amongst the families and schools around the Shoalhaven and across Australia.   

The performance incorporates singing, scientific demonstrations, puppetry and audience participation to get water conservation and water quality messages through to a young audience in a fun and engaging way. The catchy songs have proven to stick with the audience for years to come. The show hopes to not only promote the conservation of one of our most precious resources, but also to provide the opportunity for schools to become more actively involved in water conservation and engage with children and the community to help create a sustainable future.

Show Details

Primary School Shows go for approximately 45 minutes and are aimed at 5-12 year olds. They are best performed on a stage in your school hall or performed outdoors under a COLA with a recommended audience size of 100+. 

Our two shows include:

  • The Water Show – Discover where water comes from and how precious this resource is. This show is interactive with students being invited to come on stage and participate in the fun games, songs and activities.
  • The Wastewater Show – Discover what should and what should not go down the drain. This program was created to educate children on what happens to water as it enters drains and sinks and how our behaviour can affect the quality of water that ends up in our waterways.

Pre-school Shows go for approximately 30 minutes and are aimed at our youngest members of the community. The messages remain the same and include some songs and interactivity but without the storyline. This show has a recommended audience of 30+.

Community EventsAlways a crowd pleaser, the Tapstar Team love to attend community events where they mingle with the crowd promoting water conservation messages and current water strategies.

For enquiries or to book a show:

Call Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214 or email
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