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Our Rebates & Offers

Shoalhaven Water provides a variety of products and services to help customers save water and money, and be kinder to the environment.

older couple A variety of rebates are available including to eligible pensioners

Undetected Water Leak Rebate

Undetected leakage can sometimes occur on your property and should this occur you may be eligible for an Undetected Water Leak Rebate. To find out if you are eligible for this rebate follow the below link.

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Drought Relief to Farmers

Assistance is available to eligible rural or agricultural categorised water account customers for higher water consumption on recent water accounts. Check your last water account, if your property is categorised as rural or agricultural you may be eligible for a rebate based on an increase in water consumption on your last water account. The category rural or agricultural is shown on the front of each water account as one of the following; 

  • (Com) Farm, or
  • (Com) Market Garden, or
  • (Com) Farm – Raw water

The assistance is available for water accounts issued after 1 October 2018 and until the drought ends.  The assistance is calculated by Shoalhaven Water upon application and is based on the difference between the consumption on any account issued after 1 October and the average of the last 3 corresponding periods. 

For any questions about the drought assistance contact Shoalhaven Water direct on 44293214 or email us at

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Pensioner Rebates

Offering a savings on water and sewer charges to eligible pensioners. Pop into Council and provide the pension details to receive a discount on your rates and water services.

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Rainwater Tank Rebates

Current terms and conditions offer a rebate of $500 to eligible customers for the purchase and installation of new rainwater tanks.

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Free Tap Re-washer Service

Providing assistance to eligible customers on the pension rebate.

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